Thursday, 20 March 2014

How to change the default user directories in Windows 7

Warning: Changing the default directory may affect your some of the application to not work properly and incorrect entries can corrupt the OS.

Here is the way to change the user directories that you have got by default. 

1. Open the registry editor
    Start->’Run’->type ‘regedit’ ->will open the registry editor window.

      2. Now locate to the directory :

Here you will be able to find the default directory locations that is assigned for all users

Once you are here you can see the files few ‘Expandable string values’ and here is what you need to make changes for values
     I. Default: Indicates your default home directory for all users
   II. ProfilesDirectory: Profile directory for all users, here all the user data will be linked with specific folders.
  III. ProgramData: Customized programs related data for all users.
  IV. Public: Pulic folder to all users, all the users share this single folder.

3. Now double click on each value and change the directory as per your needs.

Note: Remember that in order to take effect the changes log off and log on to user and well before that make sure the location that you have specified is existing and does not make any spelling mistakes.
If you are getting some messages like “Some library features are unavailable due to unsupported library locations. Click here to learn more …” it shows that you ha some spelling mistake on the directory location that you have specified in registry. Verify that again.

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